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The weather forecast was correct. Christmas 1946 was going to be a white one. Eight years old Peter Madden was standing at the window in his grandparent’s farmhouse and staring out at the large snowflakes falling and covering the farmyard … Continue reading

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CAUGHT IN THE ACT by Ray Abinett

Christmas was only two weeks away and Bert Roberts and Freddy Fisk were sitting in their Van in a dark country lane waiting to steal some turkeys. Bert turned to Freddy who was studying his mobile phone, and said, ‘Is … Continue reading

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CAT AMONG THE PIGEONS Six years old Jimmy’s Jones teacher, Mr Roberts, was liked by all the children in the class. He was tall, good looking and casually dressed, with an unruly mop of curly straw coloured hair, and was … Continue reading

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HALFWAY HOUSE By Denise Leppard

I’ve got as far as half way house but I won’t be going on They said the road was easy, but they were little more than wrong

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ANOTHER WORLD By Marion Twyman

I used to live in another world, but I’ve been in this one for quite a while now. I’ve forgotten quite a lot about the other one, but I am reminded of parts of it when I see people from … Continue reading

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A Bit of DIY By Marion Twyman

Dolly Parker was looking forward to the weekend. She smiled to herself as she flicked the duster over the already spotless sideboard. She hadn’t seen her sister for several “months, and she wanted to show off her newly decorated front room … Continue reading

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NO HIDING PLACE by Marion Twyman

‘Angie, it is you, isn’t it ?’ With those few words, the bottom dropped instantly out of my secure and untroubled world. I turned in response to the voice and the restraining hand on my arm, prepared to deny all … Continue reading

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