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Autumn Leaves By Pat Jerome

Crisp, frost touched leaves, Whirled into heaps by icy cold winds in a dance from tree, bole to bole, a mad interpretation of a flamenco.   Blackbirds, ever on the lookout, dive, dance, and hunt Throwing debris hither and yon, … Continue reading

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INSIDER by John Lary

The voices out there are doing me in. They started about an hour ago.  If only I could unfreeze my brain for a second, maybe I could think of a way out of this. I can’t stay in here with … Continue reading

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Yes, love is like a flower It blossoms, fades and dies With flowers it’s just nature With love? Deceit and lies   I brought her to my garden To court her and to wed But she was other-minded And chose … Continue reading

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GRANDMA by John Lary

My dear dead Grandma How I love her still Because of all the cash she left me in her will   When she was living She was such a pain But I forgave her due to my financial gain

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