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We meet every month at 10.30 in the village of Higham (See NEWSLETTER), Kent, UK, a small group of mainly retired folk drawn from a fairly large surrounding area, plus one or two email members who can’t attend meetings.

The group is tutor led – that’s me! I am an established freelance writer, who used to write for the magazine market back in the 80’s and 90’s – a market which unfortunately is much depleted for today’s aspiring writers. Higham Writers do, however, have other outlets for their talents, by reading their work in public.

We have occasionally produced Showcases of our writing, all in aid of our Ellenor Lions Hospice and to date have raised over £500. At the same time we have done readings for our local Age Concern group (who particularly like our saucy stories), and for other organisations, such as at the hospice, local retired groups. We have provided the “entertainment” at a Mother’s Day luncheon. These group readings give our writers an outlet for their talents – producing plays and sketches, monologues and short stories and articles or perhaps excerpts from their memoirs – and to enable us to receive feedback at first hand.

We are a small group by design, I take no more than ten at most. One or two of our present writers have been with us since the group was formed, and will probably be there to the bitter end. Others come and go – which is the way of the world. Those that stay are helped to improve their work to a publishable standard. If no-one wants to go down the publishing route, it doesn’t matter, because the process is meant to be enjoyable, the writing exercises are fun, and we always have our audiences and this website to reach readers. Some of our members are published, others are keen on literary competition, and some are just avid collectors of rejection slips – but everyone enjoys the process.

We have been posting selections of the day to day work produced by our writers and have received some interesting comment from visitors to the site.

Every writer thrives on feedback – so we would be glad to hear from you.

Read, and enjoy.

Denise Leppard

SEE ALSO  WEBSITE:- http://www.highamwriters.co.uk


7 Responses to About Us

  1. Hi Denise,

    How are you?

    Jacqui Deevoy xx

  2. David Morrison says:


    I’ve recently moved to Higham, and would love to get some feedback from the book that I’m writing at the moment. Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend meetings of the writers’ group as I work full-time. But if it were possible to share my work with other members, then I’d be very grateful for the opportunity.

    Kind regards,

    David Morrison.

  3. biffo conlin says:

    I have enjoyed this web site very much. Can you send me information on when the group meets?
    If it does meet or is it a online club?

    • highamwriters says:

      Hi Biffo,

      not sure where you hi from, but we are based in Kent, UK. and I am afraid we have a short waiting list at the moment. We only take around 8 or 9 members, and are generally over subscribed by two or three. I’m glad you liked the site. We are tr ying very hard to build up a stable of interested readers. ARe you a writer yourself, in what genre?

      anyway, thanks for the commment,

      best wishes,

      Denise Leppard

  4. Olive Day says:

    Hello Denise, Marion will tell you that I telephoned her this morning in response to your advertisement in the Net. I would like to join your Group, I am elderly and do not drive now, but it would be worth while getting a taxi; have you a vacancy? I studied Creative Writing at Rochester A.E.C. doing the Universty of Kent course x2. I have had many -very – short true stories published in the Daily Mail, and Peoples’ Friend. I also write for my Parish Magazine. I lost my husband just one year ago and have muscular/skeletal problems: I have gone through a ‘lazy stage’ and need the stimulas of a group like yours to get my brain going again. Thank you, Olive Day

  5. John Lary says:

    Hello Denise
    I live in Rochester and would like literally to join the back of your literary waiting list, please. I have not written for many years but ( as I am newly semi-retired ) I now have the time and desire to let slip the creative dog inside of me and see where he runs. 🙂
    Thank you
    John Lary
    Tel. 01634 31406

  6. nimaxan says:

    Hi, thank you so much for dropping by my blog and following! I am now following your blog too! Cheers!

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