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PALE RISER by Dominic McCarthy

Being the Sheriff of a small gold-panning town in Texas was not as exciting as he’d hoped it’d be. He swung his feet up on the wooden desk, disturbing a clan of horse-flies, and spat the cork from a bottle … Continue reading

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The Creation of the Protectorate by Dominic McCarthy

My name is La Croix; I am a diabler: I kill and eat my fellow vampires. Once I was a knight in the service of Almighty God, long before you that read this were embraced. It was my privilege to … Continue reading

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Mrs. Willoughby‘s Washing By Denise Leppard

Gordon had become quite obsessed by the contents of his new neighbour’s washing line. He had been quietly delighted when the widowed Mrs. Willoughby moved next door. A well padded Amazon of a woman, rounded in all the right places, … Continue reading

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Hello, love. Sorry I took so long to answer. The train’s absolutely packed solid and I had trouble getting my mobile out of my pocket. ..…. Hello? That is you, Merissa? Your voice sounds peculiar .. What?

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When Hamlet heard that his father, the king of Denmark had been killed, he was quite upset and vowed vengeance on the murderer. That wasn’t easy, as the killer had married the Queen, and so was King.

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ROMEO and JULIET In sixty seconds by Tom Parr

When Romeo and Juliet fell in love that really set the cat among the pigeons. Romeo’s mum and dad were having a right old ding-dong with Juliet’s ma and pa. The youngsters were told to break it up and never … Continue reading

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In memory of Elke 1999-2007 By Denise Leppard

There you are my darling Bright eyes sparkling, coat a shining Ears alert and tongue lolling Ready and waiting Tip toe treading, focussed, panting, Nose all scenting ears all pricking Ready to go. No slow walking but a fast trot … Continue reading

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