A BIT OF A DOMESTIC by Callum Drew

My God you should have heard them, we wondered what the heck was going on. They had always been a rough lot next door, never doing the garden or any household repairs – that kitchen window has been cracked for years. They were quite a big family, so there were always rows and the police were always there after one or other of the lads. They had all grown up now though and moved away, just leaving the old couple there. They still had their ding dongs, but we hadn’t heard screaming and shouting like this for some years.
Ted rang the police, then we put our coats on and went round there. We knocked on the back door and called out “What’s going on, are you both OK?”
The door opened and Harry stood there, as unsavoury as ever, unshaven, grubby shirt straining over his beer belly and disgusting trousers.
“She’s hid me teeth” he spluttered. “Won’t tell me where she’s put them”.
“Where is Clara” I said “Let me go and talk to her”.
I pushed past him, trying not to breathe in the stench of their filthy kitchen. Clara was sitting on the battered settee in the living room, a contented smile on her face. “Are you all right?” I said.
“Course I am” she replied. “He scoffed the box of chocs the boys bought me for Mothers Day, never left me even one., so I’ve thrown his teeth on the fire. Greedy bugger won’t be chewing no more caramels, or anything else, come to that. Serves him right too. I’ve got a nice pork chop for my tea, he can make do with mash and gravy.”

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