Halfway house by Denise Leppard

I’ve got as far as half way house but I won’t be going on
They said the road was easy, but they were little more than wrong

There’s twists and turns, more ups than down,
It’s dark and cold and long,
I’ve tried my best, but now I’m tired
And I know I can’t go on.

They said that I could do it, you just walk, they said, just go.
But no-one said that time runs out, the end’s before you know.

I’ve walked the walk, and talked the talk,
I’ve played the game, and done my best
But now I’m laughing tears and crying smiles
And ready for a rest.

I’ve got a sneaking feeling that I’ve lost my lifetime’s dream
I’ve got as far as Halfway House, and I’ve just run out of steam.

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