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THE LIAR By Ray Abinett

Austin Bevis was gradually starting to feel as if he hadn’t been away as he walked round his old manor in the East End of London. After all it was five years since he had been locked up in Wormwood … Continue reading

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The year was 1953 and Chambers Secondary Modern School was a Co-Ed school having a mixture of Boys and Girls between the age of 11 and 15. There were the usual brash types and Joe Lewis was one of them, … Continue reading

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“It was Ken Grime; I did my best I’m sorry you didn’t get the job” Harry stared at his Manager in disbelief ” I’ve covered it for nine months” Mike Bainbridge shrugged “The interview panel were impressed, but as Head … Continue reading

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Cycling back from town,battling against the wind and driving rain,panniers loaded with shopping I questioned my sanity. l owned a car, yet here was l, cold, wet,and gasping, the car languishing on the drive.The bike’s chain snapped as l pedaled … Continue reading

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For all the years I worked this station , I served the ships of every nation; Thousands of vessels I touched alongside, And many great ships I remember with pride. Over the ‘diver’s shoal’ one bright summer day, HMS Endeavour … Continue reading

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THE HOUSE GUEST By Denise Leppard

Another night lying awake whilst the occupant of the room next door snored and snorted and sounded off other bodily functions.     Ellen knew her husband Jack was also awake,   lying motionless  beside her. Like her, he always awakened when … Continue reading

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ROSEs By Denise Leppard

She was famous for her roses. In their season,  great swathes of vibrant colour and suffocating perfume  filled the rosebeds sweeping across the green lawns under the heavily leafed trees. And the blooms,  enormous and bursting with colour, caught the … Continue reading

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Benny pressed both hands against the cold black wood of the church door and pushed. The door stayed firmly shut. “Not yet” said Benny to himself. He turned and walked away from the desolate old building and back up the … Continue reading

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Ed and Sally’s two-year-old daughter Emmy followed her mother into the kitchen, helpfully dropping an open pot of strawberry yoghurt into the dishwasher. As Sally fished this out, Emmy gazed up at her with entrancing blue eyes and announced that … Continue reading

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A SEASONAL POEM By Marion Twyman

Christmas is coming, Santa’s packing the sleigh. The reindeer are getting restless, keen to be on their way. The turkey and ham are on order, mince pies are in the tin, The cake’s an object of wonder, no chance of … Continue reading

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