I knew there was something wrong with my husband Terry as soon as I came down to breakfast. He sat quietly eating his cornflakes, but the banana he usually sliced and added to them was still lying in front of his dish, untouched.

‘No banana this morning, Terry?’ I said, setting my dish on the table and getting a spoon from the cutlery drawer.

‘Does it matter then?’ he replied gruffly, and not looking up.

Whoa! I thought, mind what you say Joan, he’s in one of his moods. There had been quite a few of those lately, mostly about silly things; like, how long to boil an egg, what time he wanted his evening meal if he was going to be late home from work. When was he going to finish painting the bathroom door he had started three weeks ago? Amazingly, the worst had been when I brought up the subject of needing to get a new wardrobe for our daughter Susan’s bedroom, he had said;

‘What for, I’m not spending money on unnecessary things?’

‘Because the one she has now is not large enough.’ I replied.

‘Can’t she get rid of some clothes out of the one she has now.’

‘No she’s growing up fast and needs extra space…..Oh forget it.’ I said, ‘I can see you’re not in the mood to discuss it now.’ and I walked out of the room fuming.

This morning was just another instance of his boorish manners.

After he finished his breakfast he put his jacket on and picked his case up ready to leave for work.

‘Will you be late tonight?’ I asked.

‘I’ll let you know.’ He mumbled in a grumpy voice, and left the house.

I watched him from the front room window walk down the street. His shoulders were slouched forward, as if he had the care of the world on his shoulders. I saw it was starting to rain and Terry seemed oblivious to it, not attempting to quicken his pace to miss the spits and spots. I wondered, what on earth was wrong with him lately. I shrugged my shoulders and went and cleared the breakfast things.

I decided to go and get some shopping, and as the rain had eased, I decided to walk to the shops, instead of using the car. I needed to clear my head and work out what to do about Terry. The sky was still very black, so there was obviously more rain to come, so with my umbrella in my shopping bag I set off. I was feeling pretty low after the way Terry had reacted to me this morning so when I reached the high street it was a relief to see my best friend Genny sitting in the front window of Tina’s Coffee shop reading a magazine while waiting to be served. I decided to seek solace and entered the shop.

‘Genny, how good to see you.’ I said as I got inside the shop. She looked up hesitantly and seemingly surprised to see me.

‘Oh hello Joan, I was just having a coffee before I go for an appointment.’ lowering her eyes as she said this.

‘Oh! Anywhere nice?’ I asked, sitting down opposite her, noting that she was dressed very attractively, which was unusual for her on a week day.

‘No just need to sort out a personal problem, that’s all.

I could see she didn’t want to talk about her appointment so we carried on talking about minor family situations and our other friends. I was going to bring up the subject of Terry and his bad moods, but decided against it. After we finished our coffee, Genny excused herself saying she didn’t want to be late. I went on to get my shopping.

It had started to rain again so I quickly got the shopping and started for home. Then it poured down, just as I reached Robinson’s Auction Rooms. I decided to go in out of the rain to shelter. There were quite a few people in there looking around the masses of items up for sale; such as a very nice grandfather clock and antique furniture. There were smaller items including jewellery, dinner and tea services and much more. But what took my eye was a nice wardrobe which I thought would look very nice in Susan’s bedroom. As walked over to see it I heard voices coming from behind it. I edged around to look behind and was shocked. There was my husband Terry and Genny in a clinch, and lipstick all over Terry’s shocked mumbling face. Catching my breath I calmly said;

‘I didn’t think you were interested in another wardrobe for Susan’s bedroom. But it was nice of you to get Genny’s advice, especially as she’s so busy with her appointments.’








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