“I don’t reckon the Police would know about the money”
“ We’ve been over this Gary, it’s a lot of cash, he could have robbed a bank or something”
“ I’ve checked all the news there’s nothing about any robberies, surely if that amount got pinched it would make headlines. “
“It might have come from drug dealing , do we want that on our conscience? getting rich off the back of other peoples misery. “
“ The cash is the cash Wendy, we don’t know where it came from, more to the point neither does he, he’s been with us a fortnight and not mentioned it.”
“It would be far too risky going to the Police if they identify him, and that money’s stolen, we could end up in jail ”
“ But he was wandering along the road in the dark,he’s lucky he never got run over, he could have lost that bag before we ever saw him, the police couldn’t prove otherwise. I know just the place to stash that and we could draw on it a bit at a time and end our money worries.”
Wendy fell silent, there was no doubt the money could change their lives Gary had been off sick for two months recovering from a heart attack and still they were running tests and procrastinating about his future. As a self employed Cabby there was no sick pay other than a few pounds from the Government. She worked full time as a Care Assistant but the money coming in barely covered living costs and the mortgage arrears was stacking up.
“Let’s tell him about the money, he’s a decent man, he’ll pay us something for looking after him , we could help him find somewhere to stay, and see a Doctor, he couldn’t say he couldn’t afford it.”
Gary sighed, your talking as if he was some sort of angel, there must be over a hundred grand there, why on earth would anybody be wandering around with that kind of money in a holdall bag, he must have been involved in some scam, I think he’s a crook.
“Yes Gary, but your not a crook, and neither am I”
They pulled into the front yard of their partly renovated cottage, work now suspended since Gary’s illness, Gary started unloading the shopping from the back of the car
“Don’t carry too much at a time Gary you know what the Doctor said.”
“Go and ask our lodger to give us a hand then”
Wendy disappeared off into the house but quickly reappeared at the front door holding a sheet of typewritten notepaper.
“what’s happened ?”
She read it out.


Dear Wendy and Gary,

I was showering this morning and it all came back. It’s better you don’t know who I am, but I can promise I have never physically harmed anyone and any so called ill gotten gains that I have acquired have come from organisations that have already ‘stolen’ them, usually from honest hard working folk like yourselves. I doubt you will accept that this justifies anything, but it gives me some comfort.. I was driving down to London on the A1 with the cash to pay some ‘gentlemen’ who I periodically employ to assist with my projects. I pulled in to buy a coffee, as I got out of the car I was confronted by three young blokes, I tried to bluff my way through and offered them money, but I think they were ‘on something’, they took my wallet and phone and made off with the car, at some stage I must have got a bash on the head. The irony is that the holdall was on the back seat. I suppose they thought this was just luggage and threw it out after me. What a bunch of losers,they got fifty quid, a ten quid phone and a clapped out car, then dumped a small fortune on the side of the road. I must have picked the bag up and wandered off down the main road which is when you came along and rescued me. This morning I was amazed to find the holdall beneath my coat under the stairs and the contents untouched. Those ‘gentlemen’ will be seriously ‘hacked’ off with me by now so I need to get down there and square them up before they come looking for me.
I shan’t forget the way you helped me and let me stay in this lovely place, some people would have just hid the money away and turned me over to the police..
There is package for you on the kitchen table.

God Bless
Wendy opened the package and counted out ten thousand pounds in fifty pound notes.











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