CAUGHT IN THE ACT by Ray Abinett

Christmas was only two weeks away and Bert Roberts and Freddy Fisk were sitting in their Van in a dark country lane waiting to steal some turkeys. Bert turned to Freddy who was studying his mobile phone, and said,

‘Is there any news yet? Its 11 o’clock you know, and it’s ruddy cold sitting here.’

‘Nah, not yet. Joe said he would give the signal the moment he sees the coast is clear.’ replied Freddy.

Their mate, Joe Collins had got a job at the LAZY DAY turkey farm for the last week to find out how the live turkeys were sent to a nearby factory to be ready packaged and supplied to supermarkets.

Joe had chosen tonight to carry out the robbery as the farmer had organised a Christmas dinner dance for all his employees and their partners at the nearby Feathers Hotel. Joe hadn’t told the farmer he wasn’t going in case of difficult questions.

Unknown to Joe the farmer had received a visit from the police who had said;

‘We’ve been tipped off from a disgruntled associate of some crooks that they’re going to steal some of your turkeys. One of your employees, Joe Collins, is also involved.’

The farmer went and found his17 year old son Andrew and said to him;

‘Andrew, we are expecting a break in by a gang wanting to steal some of our turkeys so I want you keep out of the way as it might be dangerous.’

Andrew had been annoyed at first and said to his father;

‘But Dad, I had asked Sophie to come over and we were going to stay in and watch a video while you all went to the Feathers Hotel.’

‘It can’t be helped son. We can’t afford to lose our stock so near Christmas. Blame the robbers. The police will be nearby and the stand in night watchman is one of their men, so the robbers won’t get away. I will go off to the Feathers hotel as planned to make it look as if everything is normal.’

Andrew loved playing tricks on people, and after he had thought more about what his father had said, he had an idea which involved using some items from last years Christmas Bazaar they had held at the farm. He discussed his plan with Sophie and three friends and they thought that it should certainly make the evening more entertaining. He then explained his plan to the Detective Inspector who was overseeing, and he said;

‘I see no problem as we know these characters and they are not dangerous. It may help us in fact. When they go to open the barn doors we will give you the signal to start.’

When all the staff had left the farm to get ready for the Feathers Hotel, Andrew, Sophie and the three friends prepared the barn where the turkeys for the next days shipment to the factory where placed overnight. They put these turkeys in a temporary enclosed covered area at the back of the barn.

The farm had a CCT and recording system which Andrew checked to make sure was working.

When Joe gave Bert Roberts and Freddy Fisk the signal they drove their van through the farm gates and backed it up to the holding barn. Bert looked around to make sure that it was all clear and then said;

‘Get them doors open Joe.’ and then lowered the vans tail gate.

Freddy was ready on one side and Bert on the other side so as to make sure the turkeys went into the back of the van and didn’t try to escape.

As the doors came open the police gave Andrew the signal. The robbers were all startled as spot lights, outside, and in the barn, came on. The biggest shock was a large blow up turkey dressed as Father Christmas moving slowly towards them. The strains of Bing Crosby singing white Christmas came wafting out from a set of speakers at the back of the barn.

Three people dressed in turkey fancy dress making gobble-gobble sounds and flapping their bent arms against their bodies came towards them from the side of the barn.

‘What the bloody hell.’ exclaimed Joe?

He instinctively stepped back and tripped over Freddie’s feet; both of them falling to the ground in a heap.

Bert stood rooted to the spot gaping at the apparition as it came slowly towards him.

The policeman who was the stand-in night watchman came running out of the farm office, together with about a dozen other policemen from their hiding places, and arrested the three robbers without a struggle.

Andrew and Sophie came out from behind the turkey Father Christmas where they had been pushing it and laughed out loud. The human turkeys were still making gobble-gobble sounds and running about.

As the police took Bert, Freddy and Joe away to the police cars one of them said to the robbers;

‘Not your lucky day lads. Mind you I did hear that the prisons are serving up Turkey Twizzlers this Christmas.’

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