BLUE By John Lary

I got you this scarf

It’s blue

I know you like blue

(At least I think you do)

I thought about it and I seemed to recall

That of all the dresses I’ve seen you wearing

Some are (or at least one is)


And so blue would be a good choice

I thought.

I had considered perfume or jewellery

But I couldn’t for the life of me

Remember if you wear perfume or jewellery

And you already have an iphone

As far as I know

Although I don’t have your number

If you do.

And anyway it was Christmas Eve and the shops were closing

And I was under pressure

As I always am at this time of year

Never knowing what to buy my wife for Christmas.

So I got you this blue scarf

I hope you like it.

About highamwriters

A group of recreational creative writers and if you ask us nicely we will let you publish some of our work
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