THE RIVER By Pat Jerome

A mere trickle seeping from the damp ground, Through moss and weed and limestone rock, No need to hurry

Time is on my side.

But now the incline is steeper, I move a little faster

I am joined by other streams Also going downwards.

Together we hurry, onwards, Forming small pools

With eddys and swirls

Flow and counter flow.

Stronger and swifter,

Tumbling stones and small rocks Foaming round boulders

In full spate now.

We gyrate, twist and wheel,

Until with a surge

We catapult over the lip of the crag Worn smooth by years of flow,

And down down into the basin Made deep by years of pounding. Satisfied at last, we draw a breath And flow onward to our destiny As a broad and beautiful river.

In the verdant valley below

About highamwriters

A group of recreational creative writers and if you ask us nicely we will let you publish some of our work
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