A Bit of DIY By Marion Twyman

Dolly Parker was looking forward to the weekend. She smiled to herself as she
flicked the duster over the already spotless sideboard. She hadn’t seen her sister for
several “months, and she wanted to show off her newly decorated front room with the
new carpet they had saved up so long for. Her sister Patty and her husband Maurice
were much better off than them, thanks to a large win on the Lottery five years ago.
and she wanted Patty to see that she and Dennis didn’t always buy cheap or second
hand things.

Disaster struck so suddenly, it was over in a second. The postman rattled the
letter box just as Dolly was passing the duster over the massively expensive antique
Worcester vase that Patty had bought her from their winnings. The sudden noise made
her jump, and she caught the vase with her hand, knocking it to the floor, where it
struck the comer of the fireplace and knocked the neck right off.

“Oh God” Dolly gasped “Patty will be here in a couple of hours. She’ll just
about go spare.” She carefully picked up the vase and put it hack safely on the
sideboard. Then she picked up the broken piece and examined it. It was a clean break
and the join didn’t notice when she placed it on the vase.

“Where is Dennis when I need him ” she muttered, knowing he had gone out
for a haircut and wouldn’t be back for an hour or so. She went into the kinchen and
rummaged in one of the drawers. “Superglue” she said, pulling out a battered tube of
the stuff. “Perfect.“

She laid a newspaper on the kitchen table and put the vase on it. She struggled
to reed the instructions on the tube of glue, but she managed to get the cap off. “Who
needs men” she muttered as she smeared the glue on the two broken surfaces. They
had to stand for a few minutes, though she couldn’t make out how many, but when she thought she had probably waited long enough, she placed the surfaces together and
held them tightly in the correct position for another few minutes. Dennis always did
all the DIY and household repairs, so this was hot first attempt at anything like this,
and she was proud of the outcome of her efforts.

Of course it wasn’t so easy after all, because when she felt she had held the
pieces together for long enough and tried to move her hands, they were glued to the
vase and well and truly stuck It was Superglue after all.

Fortunately, A. & E wasn’t very busy when she and the vase arrived there,
chauffeured  by her neighbour, who narrowly escaped needing treatment himself as he
almost blew a gasket trying not to Laugh at her predicament

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