APRIL FOOL By Brian Thompson

I earnt my living as a Painter and Decorator for many years. But of course as one grows older, we are not youngsters anymore. So I decided to look into the possibility of an apprentice to help with my every day work. After making enquiries, an appointment was made with the relevant authorities. It was not long before I had the possibility of an Apprentice. The final selection was depended on help from the local council to interview suitable young people.

There were many applicants who had applied, so arrangements were made for interviewing. Two were chosen David and Andrew; finally, I chose David, who impressed me most out of the two. After two weeks it was confirmed that David, who I had finally chosen, could begin his apprenticeship. Within a fortnight the Council confirmed that David could start his Apprenticeship on the 1st of April. 2016

On his first morning with me the first job I gave him was to go up to the builder’s merchants and purchase a two litre tin of red spotted white paint. He returned with a smile on his face, and said they don’t make red spotted white paint any more.

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