I left the factory in China in a huge consignment of tinsel, and after a long journey by ship and lorry, I next saw daylight when I was hung on a rail in Debenhams.

I was eventually purchased along with several other garlands and decorations and was taken to Woburn Abbey, where we were all draped round a huge Christmas tree in the hallway. It was so tall they needed ladders to decorate the top half. I had a lovely view of all the festivities, then on twelfth night we were all taken down and put in a large box where we were stored until the following Christmas. This went on for three years, then we were discarded as rubbish.

The Housekeeper gave us to a children’s home, where the following year we were draped all round their huge lounge, where they had a wonderful party, attended by Father Christmas. We were there for another five years, then we were discarded again as being a bit tatty. Margaret, one of the carers, took me and a few others home to her house, and for the next three years we were used to decorate her fireplace. It was so warm and cosy there, I loved it.

Then her daughter took me to her flat, very modern but so tiny, she only needed me and the place looked quite festive. On Christmas Day though I was a bit lonely, as she had gone to her mothers for the day with the rest of her family.

She was a teacher and the following year she took me to school, where I am now, hung up inside the dolls house. I think this is my favourite of all the houses I have known, because of the looks of wonder and delight on the children’s faces as they peer at me through the little windows.

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