DRESS UP by Marion Twyman

Kathleen stood in the crowded shop, surrounded by racks of pretty dresses in all colours and styles. “Oh I can’t decide” she said to her companion. “What do you think, Betty?”

           “Well I like the green one” replied Betty “or that floral one with the lace trim”.

Kathleen was not convinced. “The lace looks a bit scratchy” she mused “I don’t want to stand there scratching all day. And I really wanted to wear my lilac jacket that I bought for Geoff’s wedding, and that won’t go with the green.”

           “Well why didn’t you say so” said Betty. “Look here’s a nice floral one that’s predominantly lilac, that would look nice with a plain jacket.”

           “Mm” said Kathleen “but that’s got a straight skirt and I really wanted one a bit more flared so it doesn’t ride up when I sit down.”

           “What about the lilac polka dot shirtwaister then” said Betty.

           “Oh I didn’t really want to pay that much” replied Kathleen.

           Betty was trying not to get cross, but was struggling. This was the fourth shop they had been in, and it had been the same in every one, excuse after excuse.

           “Why don’t we have a break” she said “Let’s go and get a cup of tea and rest our legs for a few minutes. There’s a nice little cafe next door that sells toasted tea-cakes.”

           Half an hour later, revived by the sustenance, they were ready to go again.

           “I’ve been thinking” said Kathleen “I could wear the apricot jacket that I bought for Rosemary’s wedding rather than the lilac one, I think it will still fit me.”

           “I don’t recall seeing anything in the shops we’ve been in that would go better with apricot than lilac” replied Betty, envisaging traipsing round the four previous shops again “and there is only one more shop to try before we have been in them all.

            Shall we go down there and have a look, then you will have to choose which one you want to go back to.” Kathleen agreed and they headed out once more into the crowded shopping street. Never again though Betty to herself, she didn’t enjoy shopping at the best of times, and Kathleen being so indecisive was driving her mad. No wonder her daughters were always too busy to go with her, they had obviously learnt the hard way, as Betty was doing now. Kathleen had known about her nephew’s wedding for months now, but had left it until the week before to decide she had nothing suitable to wear, even though her spare bedroom contained two huge wardrobes packed with clothes!

           Very soon they had found the shop they wanted, and were hunting through the racks of dresses. Kathleen found a reason to reject each one Betty suggested would suit her, until they had exhausted the shop’s entire stock. Betty, by now very frustrated, decided she must take the initiative and make Kathleen think positive.

           “Well that’s it Kathleen” she said “We’ve trawled all the shops, now did you see anything you liked, and if so, which shop was it in, we’ll go back and get it before they close..”

           ” I think my real favourite was the eau de nil dress and jacket with the striped collar and cuffs” replied Kathleen, but I can’t remember now if it was in the Salvation Army or the Oxfam shop.”

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