A touch of the flu by John Wilkins

I went out of the front door, or rather I was pushed out. My mother wasn’t having any of it.

“You have got nothing more than just a touch of the flu” she said
A Monday in bed watching football on the internet didn’t look like it was going to happen I thought.

“It certainly isn’t enough to stop you going to school and when you get there you can do some work-your last exam results were shocking”

That was the “ I am not arguing I’m telling voice”. I didn’t risk it. I thought hard, as I walked to the bus stop, about how to avoid detention for not doing my maths homework. One last hope – I looked in my schoolbag searching for the note she had written so that I could be excused games a couple of weeks ago.

I was lucky and found it. Using a blank page from my A4 pad I wrote a new note explaining my absence was due to a touch of flu. I wrote it might be contagious and forged her signature at the end. Then I blackmailed my best friend at the bus stop, so that he would deliver it to the school office when he got there.

All I needed now was to creep back into the house and disconnect the phone-the school always phoned to check up on you when a sick note was delivered. My mum usually went shopping Monday mornings –as a single parent she stuck to a routine so she could fit in all her part-time jobs.

As soon as I reached our house, after coming in the back gate from the alley, I went up the garden path to the kitchen door so none of the neighbours could see me. Then I stopped with my hand still on the door handle. I heard my mother’s voice and then a man saying something “I thought he’d never go to school!” She said
“I sent him off even though he did have a touch of the flu” I heard her say after a man’s voice mumbled something I ran back down the garden path to reach the garden shed. I opened the door and went inside, wishing I had gone to school with another touch of flu.

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