49 shades of …….. by John Wilkins

It was a surprise when Suzie, the most beautiful sight on the factory floor, the pearl amongst the swine in the machine shop, invited me for drinks when the factory’s last day arrived. I wasn’t expecting any thanks –a thousand jobs gone was no joke. A night out with Suzie was almost more exciting than my bonus and golden handshake. I had kept the rabble at bay, with Mandy on guard duty. Mandy told them I was tied up. Except the sultry Suzie –she had swaggered past Mandy. Seeing her on the evening of the last day was something that I was really looking forward to. Let me tell you why.

Every morning I walked through the machine shop and there she was -a rose amongst thorns? No, she was even prettier . I always gave her a wink and my special smile, to suggest an invitation for a personal review was on offer- if you get my drift. As the most important man in the factory, I kept asking, because I knew she would give in eventually- they usually do….

On the last day, she was in my office and giving me the look –that I understood from a woman, meant just one thing. So, three miracles then –the first was getting past my Rottweiler also known as Mandy my personal assistant on the front desk, the second what Suzie was wearing-the last and final miracle was the promising invitation from her.

Well the invitation itself was enough to bring a dead man back to life. Alone with Suzie in a bar of her choice…..

“ I know a little place where we can chill out “ was all the encouragement I needed and the icing on the cake-it was the last day at the factory too. Work and the factory closure went out of my mind when I sat down on that barstool opposite Suzie. I did not care about anyone else’s Friday night -just mine.

Suzy was a lot more at ease with me than she had ever been before. I had always wanted Suzie. Since the day she started I had my eye on her. I didn’t care – I was quite bold even in front of her colleagues. With knowing looks, seductive remarks, my light caresses on the back of her neck, she knew what I was after.

Well there was no harm in it was there-I knew she really wanted me anyway. She always smiled at me as I walked past and she said Good morning every time. Deep down she really liked the attention –everyone likes a little flirt, a little bit of fun to brighten up their day, don’t they? She must have been grateful for the interest from the factory boss; I could have had anyone from the shop floor. Suzy never rejected my advances, so I knew.

.Over the first drinks the conversation went very smoothly, in a direction that I had only dreamed of. I was seeing a lot more of Suzy than I had ever done at work, and my imagination easily conjured up the rest. When I started to plan Suzy’s pleasure in my head, she spoke softly about ‘Fifty shades of grey’ and it went on from there. At last I thought, I’m going to get what I deserve.

There were all the signs it was going to be a very memorable night “Let’s go back to your office” she said “there’s something I’ve always wanted to do to you there”.

Usain Bolt could not have climbed the stairs up to the office faster than I did and Suzie was moving too.

Going up the stairs is the last thing I remembered when I woke up to daylight in the office and I was tied to my office chair, my wrists and ankles tightly bound. There was a note on my desk placed so I could read it,–typed on the company notepaper:

“Mandy always said that you were tied up –so now you know what it feels like”

There was a long list of signatures and at the top was hers-

“Suzie – just my little bit of fun”

My wife received the photograph of me taken from the factory’s closed circuit tv system on her mobile that morning, at the same time as it appeared on the company’s facebook page. I was clearly in a drunken state fast asleep and mouth slack. My shirt unbuttoned, tie loosened, and with my trousers round my ankles, tied up in my office, I definitely looked the worse for wear and tear. It was really obvious that the lipstick in the centre of my bald head was the closest I had been to any shade of grey with Suzie.

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