The wedding bells were ringing
The day had come at last
And Walter waited nervously
As the minutes slowly passed.
Margaret waited for the car
To take her to his side
She was feeling nervous too,
Like any blushing bride.
Suddenly her front door opened
And there stood Black Hearted Jack,
A villain with a tattoo
Of a tiger on his back.
‘I’ve loved you from afar’ he said
‘For many many years.’
‘If you don’t agree to be my wife
This day will end in tears.
I have a little problem though,
I don’t know any vicars’.
Margaret sobbed, head in her hands
‘I think I’ve wet my knickers’.
‘Please don’t spoil my wedding day
I’m promised to dear Walter.
And I want to be beside him now
As he stands there at the altar.’
She took her phone and called her man
To come and be her saviour.
He dashed outside and grabbed his bike
Confused by her behaviour.
He rode like stink across the town
Till he reached his loved one’s house.
The only thing upon his mind
Was the welfare of his spouse.
He dashed inside and set about
The now despondent Jack,
Who ran away like a scaredy-cat
On receipt of a well aimed whack.
‘Come on now,they’re waiting for us’
Walter said as he mounted his bike
So Margaretclimbed onto the crossbar,
Not sure what her hat now looked like.
They were wed at the altar a few minutes late
All their guests unaware what they’d missed.
Then they all had a bloody good party
Where most of them ended up p****d !

About highamwriters

A group of recreational creative writers and if you ask us nicely we will let you publish some of our work
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