Ranjit Singh had been brought up in Peshawar, close to the Khyber Pass. As he sat back in his chauffeur driven Rolls Royce he still couldn’t believe his luck since coming to England ten years ago. Since then he had done well, very well as the Rolls Royce and Chauffeur illustrated. He had built up a dossier of properties in the Birmingham area and charged exorbitant rents.

Ranjit sat back against the seat and closed his eyes and thought of Mala the wife of one of his tenants. He was sorry he had to raise her families rent but he couldn’t show any favouritism in his business.

Mala lived with her husband Amrit Cheema and her 6 year old son in one of his properties. Amrit worked in a local factory labelling and packing small items for export. Mala, his wife was a factory cleaner and did a part time job between 6:30 and 9:00 every morning. Her sister looked after their small son while she worked.

Amrit dreamt of being like Ranjit, but at present he couldn’t see a way of getting out of the poverty trap he and his family were in. It would be worse now, as Ranjit Singh had just raised his rent.

‘What are we going to do Mala? Amrit whined, ‘How are we going to manage in future? Our living expenses are already too high’

Mala said nothing but she was thinking hard about their situation. She knew Ranjit Singh fancied her as he had tried several times to have his way with her when Amrit was at work. She hadn’t said anything to Amrit about this in case he did something stupid.

‘I know you’re worried about the money. Why don’t you go and see your brother in Leicester to see if he can help you find a better job? Go at the weekend.’ said Mala
‘That’s a good idea I will ring him and ask him if Saturday is OK’ said Amrit.’

The following day when Amrit was at work Mala sent a text to Ranjit inviting him to dinner on Saturday night. She said in the text:
‘Please come for a meal next Saturday night. Amrit is going to see his brother in Leicester to see if he can find a job which pays more money. I will be alone.’

When Ranjit got Mala’s text message he knew his persistence had paid off. He believed that Mala had fancied him all the time and had just been playing hard to get.

The following Saturday night Mala prepared a large Prawn Tikka Masala for Ranjit. She knew he liked this meal. For herself she prepared a small curry. She had purposely left the raw prawns out of the fridge a couple of days before, and handled them after preparing her lamb curry. She also had a document ready for Ranjit to sign. It would mean she would have to give in to Ranjit’s advances for him to sign it though.

Several days later she learnt that Ranjit had passed away with food poisoning at the local hospital. When his will was read it said:
As I have no family I leave all my worldly goods to Mala Cheema for her undying love and many days of sexual joy she has given me.
Amrit was shocked at these words and turned to Mala with an angry look on his face. He was just going to speak when Mala whispered,
‘Just be quite Amrit at least you’re married to a multi millionairess. I might let you have your way with me tonight as well – if you behave yourself.’

‘Yer right; but just don’t give me any of your Prawn Tikka Masala as starters.’ Said Amrit.

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