THE HEADACHE by Ray Abinett

I don’t usually get headaches. That’s not to say that I don’t suffer what I consider other more problematical complaints. My doctor say’s I must be the type of person that is talked about in his monthly health magazine. I wasn’t sure quite what he meant by that?
The morning I woke up with the headache I said to my wife, ‘Ellie, I have got a headache come on. At least I think it’s a headache as I haven’t had one before.’
Ellie replied ‘well that makes a change; you must add it to your list of complaints. You are bound to get it again’
Now she was being sarcastic. I suppose I am a bit of a hypochondriac, even a finger ache is a big thing with me.
‘But the doctor says I am a special case. He’s never known anyone quite like me, so I must be unique’ I said
‘Unique is the word all right. I have never seen so many lotions and potions in our medical cabinet as there are now.’ replied Ellie. ‘I still can’t get over the time you went to see the doctor about a black spot on your dangly bits (NOTE: belly button if you think this is too near the mark), only to be told it was a piece of

Hardened chocolate which had come from eating a chocolate biscuit in bed the night before’ said Ellie.
‘Well it was a worry to me. But about this headache, what should I do. I don’t have any paracetemol in the bathroom cabinet. Can you get me some when you go shopping I said.
‘Unbelievable. Considering our cabinet in the bathroom is big enough to store the whole of TESCO’s pharmacy I am surprised you haven’t got any’ said Ellie.
‘Well I used the last one yesterday when I thought I had a cold and was snuffling’ I said.
‘Yes I remember. It turned out that a hair inside you nose had grown too long. When you snipped it off your snuffling stopped’ said Ellie with a snort as she went out the front to do her shopping.

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