‘Can you go and water the garden for me?’ said Tracey to her flat mate Tom, sounding somewhat tired and exasperated.
Tom looked up from reading his paper and gave her a dismissive stare. He then continued reading his paper. Tom was an old school friend who had been lodging with Tracey now for over a month. He had been thrown out of his last flat due to non payment of rent. He had told Tracey he would only need a couple of weeks until he found himself new digs. Unfortunately he had rather liked lodging with Tracey as he could get away with not paying any rent, and she was a good cook.
‘TOM please go and water the flower pots at least, while I finish ironing this washing, yours included.’ Tracey said. This time with a raised voice.
‘Not my job to do that.’ said Tom. ‘Anyway I might over water them, and I don’t want to damage your precious plants. I am not experienced on the technicalities of gardening you know.’
‘Technically? Watering is not a subject that you have to have a degree in.’ said Tracey.

Tom happened to be a well qualified Teacher who had passed many exams and written goodness knows how many theses to get the job he was in now. But he loved gambling, and that was his downfall, and the main reason he was here in Tracey’s flat now.
‘You know I can’t work your garden hose.’ Said Tom
‘Well I’m busy doing this ironing and it doesn’t get done by itself. The plants are wilting and you have got to earn your keep if you want to carry on staying here. It’s not much to ask. If not then I will have to change you for a Gardener’ said Tracey smiling to herself at her bit about the Gardener.
Tom was mystified. On Friday it had rained and the ground was still partially wet, although the sun had just come out.
‘I don’t think it needs watering anyway. ‘Said Tom.
‘Well just humour me anyway.’ Said Tracey.
Tom got up, put his coat on and went to the front door.
‘Where are you going?’ shouted Tracey.
Tom shouted back, ‘I’m going to get you a Gardener.’ Then adding ‘After I put a bet on the 2 O’clock at Chepstow and had a pint.’
‘LAZY SOD.’ shouted back Tracy.

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