IN MY DAY by Ray Abinett

In my day you could play in the street without any worries about the traffic as there wasn’t much of it. I suppose there weren’t more than two or three cars parked in a road
of 150 houses at any one time as most families couldn’t afford one. I remember that I and my friends loved to roll our marbles in the gutter trying to knock our friend’s marble so as to win it, and we could very nearly go the whole street without encountering a parked car.

There happened to be a boy living across the road from me who was an out and out bully. He thought nothing of coming and kicking our marbles or running off with one. We all shouted at him to return them but he was bigger than us so we just took more care when he was around. My Mother said;
‘I don’t want you to play around with that boy Anthony. He might hurt you.’
I was not having that so one day when he came over and started to kick our marbles I stood up and went to fight him. He said;
‘Ha, Ha, shrimp. What do you think you’re going to do about it then? I will flatten you.’
We had been having boxing lessons at school with our teacher, Mr Davis and thought I could apply what we had been taught. I felt angry about all the bullying he had been doing to me and my friends. I charged at him and reached up and punched him once in

the Adams Apple (throat). He stared at me with glazed eyes holding his neck and then started to cry. He turned and rushed into his house and slammed the door. Standing there amazed I said to my friends;
‘Well did you see that?’
My friend Richard said, laughing; ‘Yes I don’t think he will cause us any more trouble.’

When I told my Mum she wasn’t at all pleased and banned me from playing out for several weeks. I said to her ‘I wish I had let him take my marbles now so I can still go out.’ and I sat down sulking. Anyway he never interfered with us again and stayed out of our way at school as well.

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