Come on now by David Soud

I’m a regular kind of fellow who gives life all he’s got
I used to jog a little and now it’s quite a lot
For there’s a man behind me and every time I slow
He’s yelling in my ear raring me to go

Come on lad, come on now just another mile
You’ve got to keep on running to brighten up your style
You’ll never make it if you lag you’ll never reach the top
Come on lad get moving, come on up your pace
Slackers never win in sport, they never end the race

This man behind me is my coach and what a bloody pain
I never get to run alone even in the rain
Sometimes I slip off early I have to rise at dawn
To jog around the block in the early morn
And then he’s always waiting I swear he reads my mind
I must run twice as hard while he rides behind

Come on lad, come on now harder one more lap
Every mile you push now means one less going back
Come on lad, you’ve got to work just give it all you’ve got
And remember lad, you’ll never HOPE it to the top

Well I know he means well although he’s in your face
Without his work and effort I’d never last the pace
Sometimes I get so drained it’s like I’m nearly dead
And there he is on his bike riding by my head

Come on lad, come on now it’s time to run again
Holidays finished yesterday, you’ve had time to rest
Come on lad, come on now you’ve got to reach your prime
Come on lad, come on now, it’s work not resting time

So there we were on the track and it’s a crucial meet
Three laps through the mile with three men to beat.
To myself I said – enough it’s time to call it quits
Then I hears this voice behind enough to give you fits

Come on lad, come on now, now’s the time for speed
Lift your arms and push, it’s power that you need
There’s a 100 yards to the flag and you’re nearly done
Get those legs a hammering, come on lad, COME ON!

At the flag you couldn’t tell who was number one
The photo placed me first and I knew my work was done
And when my coach gave me his hand I was full of joy
He smiled at me and said – nice one boy

So if you chance to see me whilst on a training run
Take a look close behind at the other one
He’s my coach and he’s allowed to shout
For I’m a champion at the mile and he made it come about

Come on lad, come on now no slacking to a jog
Move your harris, get in shape, stop acting like a log
Come on lad, come on now you’ve got to have belief
If you always give your best, you’ll stay champ indeed

About highamwriters

A group of recreational creative writers and if you ask us nicely we will let you publish some of our work
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