As I walked down the high street I saw that the clock on the outside of the Bank said 10 o’clock. I had never noticed that the bank had a clock outside before, probably because I didn’t normally use bank premises for dealing with my finances. I either used the internet or an ATM machine. But today I was making my way to the Santander bank, with its bright RED corporate colour scheme, to see a finance adviser regarding depositing £1000 in £50 notes that I had been given by the buyer of my Honda motor cycle. Also to ask what their best investment was that I could safely put it in. I had made the appointment for 10 o’clock so I was running a little late.
Just as I was entering a couple of men pushed passed me and raced up to the counter elbowing people out of the way in the process. I thought how rude they were until I heard one of the men shout at the cashier; ‘Hand the money over or I will shoot you’
I saw that the men had pulled masks down over their faces. There were four other customers in the bank who now had their hands raised because the second man was
waving a gun at them and saying;
‘Keep quite, don’t move, and you won’t get hurt.’
I backed quietly and slowly out of the bank, and then took my mobile phone out and called 999. After making the call I realised that the police probably wouldn’t arrive until after the men had left the bank and made their getaway. Turning, I saw a car a little way up the road with a man sitting in it and its engine running.

‘That must be their getaway car. How can I stop it from getting away?’ I said to myself.
Then I had an idea. I sneaked up behind it and took some of the £50 notes out of the bag I was carrying and stuffed them up the exhaust pipe. I just hoped I would get the money
back from the bank as reward for stopping the robbers. The driver never saw me do it. Keeping low I backed away and hid in a shop doorway. There was still no sign of the police.
Then I saw the two men dash from the bank and run towards the car. However, they ran straight past it and jumped on a motor cycle parked a few yards in front of the car and rode off. The driver of the car hadn’t realised what was going on. A woman came out of shop and got in the car and the driver put it in gear and went to drive off. The engine spluttered, coughed and nearly stalled and then my £50 notes, which had been shredded in the process, shot out of the exhaust pipe and up into the air. The car pulled away as if in slow motion. It gave one loud bang which made the last of the £50 notes shoot out into the road, and the car disappeared into the distance. I just stood there rooted to the spot, watching all what was left of my £50 notes flutter to the ground. It wasn’t so much the money which had caused me to become immobile, but the fact that the motor cycle they had used for their getaway was my Honda that I had just sold.

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