Rachel slammed the door behind her and stamped the rain off her feet. She sorted out her wet things and shivered into the kitchen. Something hot and comforting was called for. Pause for thought. Brainwave – out of the freezer came the pot of her mother’s homemade soup. While she heated it, she found the bread and spread it thick with dripping, fishing out all the jelly from the bottom of the bowl and covering it in pepper.
Perching herself on the stool at the counter, she dunked the dripping sandwich into the thick vegetable soup – bliss.
Her hands were still so cold that her engagement ring was swinging round on its finger. Suddenly, it obeyed gravity and splashed into the soup. She dug around with the sandwich and triumphantly retrieved it. The diamonds glittered through the dripping as she sucked it clean.

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A group of recreational creative writers and if you ask us nicely we will let you publish some of our work
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1 Response to DRIPPING WITH DIAMONDS by Charlotte Cash

  1. Sally says:

    yum! Sounds just like my mother’s homemade soup 😉

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