What the Hairdresser Heard by Neal Duncan

Heavens, I don’t know Miguel, why don’t you choose? Just make it look classy, I don’t want a beehive like my sister had on her wedding day. Her husband hates it, you can see it in his eyes, here, I’ve got a photo.

You heard that she hides money in that barnet, right? That’s why he married her. Told me on the stag-do. No! I couldn’t tell anybody! Who’d believe me? They think I’m jealous because she’s so well off. All my assets are startin’ to go south, if you know what I mean.

But she’s the jealous one. I hear ‘em arguing all the time. Her green eyes aren’t only skin deep. She’s paranoid he’s running off with other women, that he’ll leave her. Well, of course he won’t. Not while he’s getting what he wants on the side.

Marriage? Me? No, it all sounds a bit a palaver. I like my man come and then bugger off again, especially if he buys me something expensive to wear for after. He’s coming over tonight, my boyfriend; that’s why I’m getting my hair done. Down and wavey, just how he likes it. Not piled up on top of my head.

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