THE ACCIDENT by Pat Jerome

“I saw it all,” said a pompous looking man. “That girls stepped out in front of the motor bike; he had no chance whatever to avoid her.”
“No she did not,” said a voice from the back of the crowd, which by now was quite a considerable size.
“How could you possibly see anything from back there!” blustered the pompous man. “You are no more than five feet tall anyway.”
“Yes and I was still only five feet tall when the biker went past me, at more speed than he should have been doing, way back up the road.” said the voice indignantly. “There was no way he could have negotiated the corner.”
“Oh for goodness sake, will someone call for an ambulance, before the girl bleeds to death!” a woman cried.
As one, mobile phones materialised from pockets and bags.
“No! don’t all call at once, you will jam the lines.” said the boy at the front.
As one they all rang off.
“You sir, in the red jacket, you call.” said pompous.
“I would have been delighted so to do, before now, whilst you were all arguing, except that I must be the only one without a phone.” said red jacket man. “This is my camera.”
“Surely you are not going to take a photograph!” said five foot man at the back.
“Evidence, sir, evidence, for when the police start asking questions as to who saw what. Though it is obvious that nobody can agree.”
“If some of you could take your eyes off the girl and turn your attention to the biker!” someone else said. “Has anyone thought to see if he is all right.
“He hasn’t moved since the collision.” said pompous man.
“Do you think we ought to switch the engine off, or will that be tampering with evidence?” the woman asked.
“It would be a very good idea,” said Red jacket man. “And an even better one if you were to put out your cigarette.”
Just then a passing police car, seeing the crowd, screeched to a halt. A policeman leapt out.
“Now then, “ he said. “If I might have your names?”
And the crowd melted away silently like ice cream on a hot day.

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A group of recreational creative writers and if you ask us nicely we will let you publish some of our work
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