Our writers’ group was formed nearly ten years ago by Denise Leppard with the aim of bringing together local writers. The accent is on writing for pleasure and recreation, if not eventually – profit. You will be interested to read her story on the About Us page.

Our group is an enthusiastic band of amateur writers, and you can find out more about our present, and some past, members on the the Author profile page. Some of their work is listed under their names in the Categories section on the right hand side of the web pages, and we are sure you will enjoy their original stories.

No doubt if you are reading this introduction and then going on to read some of the individual stories, you will most likely have a keen interest in writing. For the absolute beginner this can be very daunting. You may know that you would love to sit down yourself and express yourself in writing but are fearful of how well you could do it. The answer is to just do it. If you read what Denise says on the page entitled Absolute Beginners it could just give you the resolve you are looking for.

In addition to the stories we have a category called Poets Corner. You will find that some of our Authors can not only tell a good story, but have the power to entertain you with their poems. Some are humorous and others thought provoking. We think they will certainly brighten up your day and show that poetry can give a pleasurable experience.

We hope you enjoy our stories and poems, and if you want to see what we have written in the past then look in the Archives section.

To keep you up to date with the latest news about the Higham Writers Group please visit our Newsletter page. Here you will find details soon about our next showcase evening. We will also be keeping you informed about our authors new work that has recently been added to the website, and much more.

Please watch this space for more interesting and enjoyable work by our Authors.

Ray Abinett





2 Responses to Home

  1. Congratulations, I belong to a writers group on a small island off the coast of Auckland NZ. we are a mixed bunch, English and Kiwis, mostly of the older age group because we meet in a morning. The group has been in existence on an off since the 1950s I have been with it since 1993. I would like to keep in contact with your group and maybe send you a copy a very small poetry book we published last year, it sold like wildfire, it was cheap, and this is a mecca for tourists. Best wishes
    from an expat from Yorkshire who had been a Kiwi for 61 years. Kath O’Sullivan Waiheke island

    • highamwriters says:

      Hello Kath,
      It was good to hear from an expat and that you have found us on the internet. We were very interested to hear about your writers group. We have been trying to contact you by the mail addresses on your message, but without success. Denise Leppard who runs our group wanted to send you a message, so is it possible for you to send a contact email address that goes directly to you so she can write to you?

      Do you have a website address where you showcase your groups work?

      Best regards
      Ray Abinett
      Email: raba19104@blueyonder.co.uk

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